Below are some outboard engine tips and tricks to help maintain your outboard engine

Howick Marine Tip One - Use your Boat


Letting your outboard and boat sit idle is actually harmful. One of the worst things you can do for any outboard is to let it go unused for months at a time.

Howick Marine Tip Two - Flush Your Engine


After use, flush your outboard with freshwater for at least five minutes. If it has been sitting around, run it every month if you can.

Howick Marine Tip Three - Check Regularly


Again, sitting around is harmful. Upon running your engine make a habit of turning your steering and a light spray of lube oil over your inner steering cable.

Howick Marine Tip Four - Good Battery


If your battery is five years old or more, you’ve had a good run. We recommend replacing it. If you regularly charge your battery this will prolong the life of it. Again! These deteriorate sitting unused.

Howick Marine Tip Five - Servicing


We recommend servicing your outboard annually, regardless of hours of use. If you happen to skip a service, minimum, replace your fuel filter – water separator in your boat.

Howick Marine Tip Six - A little knowledge is dangerous


Don’t try and fix your outboard yourself. Bring it to the professionals.

Howick Marine Tip Seven - Be Prepared


Sometimes when your kids or mates try to help, it doesn’t. You never know what can happen. Just in case, carry some spares.
  1. Spare oil (two-stroke) in the boat can sometimes be invaluable.
  2. Have a spare key and Killswitch lanyard.
  3. Spare bung.
  4. Small tool kit (including cable ties always handy)
Howick Marine Tip Eight - Fresh Fuel


Fuel can also deteriorate over time losing its octane rating. Keep topping your fuel tank up with fresh fuel ( another reason to keep using your boat) If your fuel is  over a year old, we recommend draining and replacing fuel in your tank.

Howick Marine Tip Nice - Check Your Propeller


Sometimes, without realising, you have hit something or come in too shallow, you may have caused damage to your propeller. Even a small Nick or bend of the blades can affect the performance and fuel economy. 

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